Jackson is currently studying an industry based Business degree at QUT, geared towards economics and technology. Outside of studies, he has been keenly exploring and participating in Brisbane’s small business and startup scene for the past 4 years, through business and social enterprise ventures. Jackson is an all round advocator of student entrepreneurship and hopes to see Starters grow as a bond between students and our city's startups. 


Josie is currently studying Law and Journalism, and has also studied Science. She is passionate about the creative side of technology and innovation.  She is  excited at the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded students, and work alongside startups to help execute ideas.




Hrithik is currently completing a degree in Business at QUT and has a keen interest in Accounting and Finance. He is passionate about innovation and social entrepreneurship and is delighted to be involved at the heart of Brisbane’s start-up community. Through Starters, Hrithik aims to facilitate the growth of the start-up community in Brisbane by encouraging students to develop their ideas into reality.



Annabel studies post grad Law at QUT. She is a co-founder of Speak To Scout, a start-up born out of the Disrupting Law hackathon. Scout is an intelligent chatbot that provides legal guidance to social media users. Annabel hopes to encourage more students to take advantage of the opportunities created by QUT Starters that she knows to be so valuable from firsthand experience.


Jeremy is a fourth year marketing & law student, and is the co-founder of independent clothing label Adjacent Supply. He is all things creative, and strives to encourage thinking like there's no box at all. Jeremy is passionate about Brisbane's startup ecosystem, and looks forward to encouraging QUT students to share the same passion!




Michael is currently studying Law and Finance. He believes that everything is capable of improvement, and is passionate about building solutions. Michael is a co-founder of sNET - an app for connecting students to their peers via instant messaging, within their subjects, within a distance of their convenience. His own experiences provide him with valuable insight and empathy towards the student start-up ecosystem.


Jake is currently completing a degree in Law. Jake is passionate about seeing initiatives develop from the ground up and is actively involved in delivering networking and professional opportunities to QUT students. Jake is looking forward to liaising with QUT Law Faculty and the legal industry to provide better platforms for students to develop their innovating interests and ideas.


Science and Engineering Representative

Lachlan is a Property Economic and Spatial Science student. Lachlan participated in QUT Hatch in Semester 1 2017, and now works out of the Foundry on his startup OrbMaps. He is passionate about QUT and helping student discover the links between academia and entrepreneurialism at QUT. Lachlan is looking at doing his own start-up in the Spatial Science field to improve efficiency in the property development industry.  Lachlan looks forward to meeting you at club events and welcomes any questions students might have.

Creative Industries Representative

Larissa is a fourth year Business and Creative Industries student. She has a passion for fashion business and innovative solutions to common issues in the globalised fashion market. She hopes to increase engagement amongst creative industries students.


Health Representative

Macabe is currently studying Law and Biomedical science. Majoring in Cell and Molecular Biotechnology, Macabe hopes to pursue his interests in Intellectual Property and innovation in the Health sciences. He is passionate about agriculture, improving the quality of life for those in regional areas, and for the last two years has been a part of the QLD Youth Parliament. Macabe hopes to encourage others, no matter what their passions are, to make the most of the opportunities that QUT Starters can offer.

Education Representative