Josie is currently studying Law, and has also studied Science. She is passionate about the intersection of law, technology and science, with a particular interest in biotechnology.

She is also a member of the QLD Executive team of The Legal Forecast and an advocate for following non-traditional career paths. She is  excited at the opportunity to collaborate with like-minded students, and work alongside startups to help execute ideas.

Twitter: @josephinbird 


Rhys is currently working on a PHD trying to better understand the interactions that occur between the pieces of a business model, and how those interactions can be leveraged to give prospective entrepreneurs a better chance of success.

Outside of studying Rhys volunteers his administration, business analysis and organisational skills with local festivals to help ensure they continue to bring new experiences to the people in our communities. He is excited to continue growing QUT Starters to bring even more educational and experiential opportunities to students.


Oliver Collins is a computer science and information security student. In 2018 he was involved in the QUT Foundry’s entrepreneurship community by developing his own startup as well as being a technical advisor to other startups.

In 2019 Oliver founded the information security club, QUT White Hats as well as joining the Starters team as Treasurer.

Oliver is co-founder with John (QUTS general committee member) of NestedOs —> Check out their website:

Twitter: @NestedOliver



Greyden is currently studying Computer Science after spending 15 years working in IT.

He’s an accomplished App Developer with a strong passion for entrepreneurship. He is looking forward to contributing his experience and enthusiasm with others.

Greyden has a youtube channel with Alex (general committee member) —> subscribe to Angry Giant Squid!

Twitter: @groydis

General committee

Jodie is a final-year IT student who loves to use code to bring her ideas to life. In 2018 she started her company Opti to build accessible creativity software.

She is excited to hear new startup ideas and is always willing to help out other founders, especially with IT and pitching.

Twitter: @OptiJodie


John is currently studying Computer Science at QUT. He is passionate about technology and seeing great ideas develop for people to use.

John is super excited to help students develop their skills and ideas.

John is co-founder with Oliver (our treasurer) of NestedOs —> Check out their website:

Andrew is a previous QUT business student and current QUT Alumni. Separate to his present employment, and time spent in an accelerator with his own start-up, Andrew enjoys exploring the startup sector and engaging with the wider community. Andrew is passionate about collaborating with likeminded people, and participating in innovative community projects that help to advance a more abundant future for all.

Twitter: @andrew_smith25

Meet Alex, the consistently weird one. The only who loves their garden and hopes to educate and feed as many as possible. When he isn't messing around with tech and forgetting how to put things back together, he enjoys watching Star Trek and whatever.

Alex has a youtube channel with Greyden (secretary) —> subscribe to Angry Giant Squid!

Twitter: @AlexGeSquid


Brandon is a highly motivated third year behavioural science and international business student at QUT. Management consulting, teaching, investing behavioural change programs and performance psychology are his key career interests.

He hopes to use his talents abilities and skills to make Startup Hatch the most successful pre-incubator program in the world.